At ACTG, We Always Find a Solution

Reflecting back on our personal autism journey, I am especially grateful to have found A Chance To Grow. This place has changed our lives for many reasons and on many levels.

We were introduced to ACTG by a fellow autism mom who lived in our neighborhood. I came to tour the place and was amazed. Finally, a place that gets how multifaceted this disorder is and who offered multiple individualized treatments that addressed multiple issues. It was perfect!

Our first experience was the Boost Up Plus intensive summer program. I like to call it a brain-based therapeutic summer camp! Kids and adolescents would participate in a three-week daily program that included cutting-edge brain-based treatments and therapies. The best part was that everything was rolled up into a fun social experience so the kids were having a blast and happy, even though they were working hard five days a week.

We made tremendous progress each summer and reentered the next school year “notched up”; not only physically, but also in reading comprehension and processing speed. The bonus was that we also met other amazing families who we are still friends with today!

From Boost Up Plus we transitioned into ongoing beneficial brain-based therapies such as Neurofeedback, Neurological Reorganization, vision therapy, and auditory integration therapy. As my son is becoming a young adult, the services and staff have grown with him; from improving speech deficits, processing disorders, and delayed motor skills early on to decreasing severe anxiety and sensory sensitivities as a teenager. At ACTG, we always find a solution.

I would also like to mention how special the leadership team and professionals are at ACTG. Many of them have been here for years, which says a lot. They are passionate about their work and really care about our kids and families. They also are eager to learn and expand services as research surfaces. This is critical with complex disorders that involve the brain and neurological systems.

So I guess it’s not a surprise to say that I enthusiastically joined the board several years ago and will be honored to continue serving as we move forward with our journey as a family and organization.

A chance to grow; it describes our experience perfectly. I’m excited about the future; with my family, my special child and this amazing unique organization.

- Julie, mother