Calming Your Mind: An Intro to Neurofeedback and Audio Visual Entrainment

Event Date:
Wednesday November 15, 2017 6:00pm

Do you or your child have a hard time focusing? 

Are you often tired and drained? Is it hard not to get upset over the little things that happen? Learn how society can keep us in a constant state of stress and what you can do about it.

Neurofeedback and Audio Visual Entrainment are holistic, noninvasive and drug-free programs that help to make positive changes in the brain. Concerns that clients often see improved include focus, mood, social skills, sleep and anxiety. If anyone in your family has a hard time calming their brain, please join us for our seminar. There will be a chance to ask questions after the seminar!

“Calming Your Mind” Seminar

Wednesday, November 15 

 6:00pm in the MLRC Training Room at A Chance To Grow.

AVE systems will be available for purchase along with entrainment CDs.
Free AVE demo coupon for all attendees!

Cost is $10. Please register here.

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