Testimonials Neurotechnology Services

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Attention Deficit Disorder:

"My son experienced enormous benefits as a result of the AVE program. After five sessions he went from being unable to read simple words, without assistance, to reading whole paragraphs unassisted. He went from being a scattered and disruptive student in class to a well-mannered child who was able to focus on classroom assignments. Stress was reduced at home for everyone, as my son was far more agreeable and compliant to household routines and expectations."

Cerebral Palsy:

“Our son, age 14, diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy two years ago, has been a slow learner and mentally impaired for years. He has used the AVE machine approximately five weeks. Right away, my husband and I noticed more alertness in Danny, especially in completing tasks and being more organized. Nothing else has ever worked and I was skeptical. It’s hard to put a finger on what is different, but we know for sure it is a change for the better.” Elizabeth Mother Maplewood, MN March, 2002 Autism: “I am currently working with a student who is attending the three week Summer Boost Up Program. As a part of Boost Up the student has been involved in the AVE program. Since the involvement in AVE, I have noticed a positive change in the student’s behavior, particularly after the session. The body is calm, relaxed and seems ready to move to the next activity.” --Kim, Personal Care Attendant Minneapolis, MN

Anxiety and Depression:

“After just a week of taking the AVE machine home to use with my daughter, family and friends have noticed a big change in her. She herself has noticed if she doesn’t use it she doesn’t feel as good. My 25-year-old nephew (her cousin) said, “What did you do to her. She seems more calm and loving. A year ago she was diagnosed as having anxiety with underlying depression and now still wets the bed. We see these things slowly being moderated. She has three or four more sessions before she hits 20 but there has been a significant change already. I have now started it in the classroom and if we can use it daily, I know that the same wonderful changes will happen with these children. We have already seen one child be able to relax and fall asleep twice when doing this. That is amazing!”-- Monica, a Teacher in Coon Rapids, MN

Reactive Attachment and Post Tramatic Distress:

“Within the last week or two, I think I have seen significant change. She is able to transition much easier and express her love for us easier during non-routine transitions (such as Easter, traveling, etc.). She was home a lot with me, which helps her regulate greatly, but for the first time ever she was able to remain calm and in control while her brother tried to act silly and get "her going" with his antics (which ALWAYS sends her spiraling out of control, laughing crazily and hitting and pinching him, etc. However, she remained calm with me, ignoring his silliness. I think that was a HUGE moment). She was also very CALM around her baby cousins (babies are a huge trauma trigger due to severe neglect) and she actually said: I LIKE babies NOW. This was another HUGE step in her transitioning. Actually, I just remembered that I held my baby niece a lot recently, which typically triggers her anger and insecurity, causing her to be very angry, jealous and pull away from me. But she did none of that. She even played with her two-year-old cousin and thought she was cute, and two-year-olds are the greatest trigger because we adopted her when she was two. The last week or two, she has wanted to be very close to me and has said she missed me at school. She has also slept in our room to be close and safe...these are all positive changes...I pray we keep moving forward.... Thank you!”

Speech and Bed Wetting Concerns:

My children’s tutor and I have been using the AVE machine faithfully with a few of my children and students and we're seeing remarkable results. My 20 month old started TALKING very suddenly after we started it up again after taking a break because she was throwing fits when we would try to put it on her (sensory defensive). Now I just wait until naptime. After she falls asleep, I put it on her. One of my tutor students stopped wetting his bed at night and is doing so much better in school. It's amazing! His cognition has improved greatly. He's happier and no longer an angry little boy. His mom is so happy! So, thanks!--Tara Mother Liberty, Missouri