Honorary Spaces

Marlene Myers Nature Gardens

DNR "Smallest School Forest"

With just 33 trees, the Marlene Myers Nature Gardens make up the smallest school forest in the state of Minnesota. The City of Minneapolis donated this forest area to A Chance To Grow and certified it for children’s education. The space may be small, but it allows the children at Turnquist Childcare Center to learn about a variety of eco systems. The Marlene Myers Nature Gardens feature an outdoor classroom with granite pillars and limestone seats, a rain garden surrounding a deck, fruit trees, native prairie grass, a perennial flower garden, a berry patch and a vegetable garden. Children enter the magical space through a vine-covered trellis. We want to thank Marlene and Jerry Myers for their gift and the individuals, companies, foundations and the City of Minneapolis who helped make this possible for A Chance To Grow and all of the children we serve.

Kretsch Family Brain Resource Library 

The Kretsch Family Brain Resource Library was the brainchild of Josephine Kretsch, whose son Thomas was injured in a car accident while attending college. At the time, the Kretsch family tried to find relevant information on how to help Thomas, but could find very little information on head injuries. Josephine founded the library to help families in similar situations and in need of such vital, understandable information to better address the challenges facing them. Josephine and the Kretsch family also created the library to help other resource centers across the state update their collections at a time when there was little exchange of books and budgets for such areas were limited. The Kretsch Family Brain Resource Library remains a major source for families, offering easy-to-understand books on autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, coma, brain trauma, allergies, learning disabilities and other related topics that they would normally have to seek out in multiple places. If you and your family would like more information or would like to check about the availability of a book, we invite you to call us (612)-789-1236. We also invite you and your family to visit the library and explore these resources or we can send them directly to your home at no charge.