Anonymous Donor Underwrites Free EEG Biofeedback and Audio Visual Entrainment for Veterans with PTSD Symptoms

Our Neurotechnology Services program has teamed with Homecoming for Veterans to provide free EEG Biofeedback and Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE) treatment to Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms.

EEG Biofeedback and AVE are drug-free, non-invasive brain exercising techniques. Veterans who have tried EEG Biofeedback and AVE at A Chance To Grow (ACTG) say the biofeedback techniques and brain entrainment have helped them with sleep problems, anxiety, pain, irritability, anger, rage and cognitive deficits. The training can also help soldiers recover from drug, alcohol and tobacco dependency. Ultimately, it helps them get their lives back in order.  

According to Becky Aish, Neurotechnology Director, emotional stress can change the brain.

“Emotional stress can shift the brain into a ‘stuck’ and ‘inflexible’ mode. Far too often the mental health community tries to treat this emotional stress only with cognitive therapy instead of also working to help the unconscious brain shift easier. This could be one reason why people sometimes go to counseling for many years and don’t see results. When you shift the brain out of it’s ‘stuck’ pattern with tools like EEG Biofeedback and AVE, the counseling can be a lot more effective,” Aish said.

When asked about his experience with Neurotechnology interventions at ACTG, one Veteran said,

“I’ve made a conscious decision to stop questioning every move of my behavior. I’m going with whatever…Time is more valuable. I’m making better decisions. I’m finding PEACE…”

Another anonymous Veteran said, “I feel I am a different, improved person as a result of my experience with this clinic. Becky has been very helpful in informing me about the available programs and probable results. I have been more than satisfied with the results and I would definitely recommend these programs for other people. I think they would be most beneficial for anyone, but especially vets with REM and PTSD – this would be helpful especially for psychologically injured Iran/Afghanistan vets coming back to civilian life.”

And a third said, “[This is a] wonderful tool that [has] helped so much without the side effects of medicine!”

Right now, we are in the beginning phase of a pilot project that will study the impact Neurotechnology tools have on PTSD symptoms. When working with Veterans participating in the study, Aish rates PTSD Symptoms, Depression, sleep levels and quality of overall brainwave patterns. There are also two parts to the study. The Veterans first visit the Neurotechnology clinic for 20 sessions of EEG Biofeedback and then do AVE at home for about two months.

Currently, the Veterans are helping us determine which Neurotechnology tool is most effective. Once there is enough preliminary data, the agency will then be deciding which technology to use in a larger study.

Aish first heard about Homecoming for Veterans' efforts when researching EEG Biofeedback’s effectiveness with PTSD. Shortly thereafter, A Chance To Grow became the first clinic in Minnesota to provide this free service. An anonymous contributor also heard about our involvement in the project and asked if he could help fund the project at ACTG.

Through Homecoming for Veterans, we are the only clinic in the United States offering the combination of EEG Biofeedback and AVE to Veterans for free.

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If you are a Veteran interested in this service and study or know a Veteran who might want to get involved, contact Neurotechnology Services at (612)706-5551 or

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