April is Autism Awareness Month: Together, We Can Build Understanding

The Autism Society has been celebrating National Autism Awareness Month since the 1970s, but recently you may have noticed more conversation about autism due to a recent significant increase in the number of autism cases throughout the country. In Minnesota alone, Minnesota schools have reported a huge leap in the number of children classified with autism, from 2,200 in 2000 to 15,400 in 2012, according to the Department of Education.

This month, autism advocacy groups, associations, foundations and more are joining forces around the world to build awareness of autism and promote solutions that relieve some of the daily stresses families with autistic loved ones experience. This month, join A Chance To Grow as we conscientiously build understanding of and celebrate the gifts and talents of children with autism.

Possible Difficulties Children with Autism May Face:

  • Nutrition: children with autism may be picky eaters. 
  • Sensory processing delays 
  • Auditory processing delays 
  • Difficulty in social situations 
  • Difficulty with verbal communication or may be nonverbal 
  • Lack of eye contact 

Building Understanding of Children with Autism

Children with autism may have different ways of processing auditory or visual information. If the child is feeling overwhelmed by their current environment, sometimes it helps to go to a quiet place.

If you notice a child feeling overwhelmed by their environment and displaying a behavioral reaction, understand that what children with autism experience is neurological. It’s not as easy to see as a broken arm, but it’s important to remember to be compassionate and understanding.

If you know a child with autism who sometimes has trouble changing conversation topics or activities, it may help to talk about their interests.

It helps to look at the eyes of a child with autism to determine what they are engaged in. When trying to motivate a child with autism, this can help you determine where their interests lie.

Strengths of Children with Autism

Just as every child has amazing gifts, children with autism also have amazing gifts. Join us this month in building understanding and awareness of autism. Together, let’s celebrate these children’s unique gifts and talents!

Have a question or want more information? A Chance To Grow professionals work with children with autism throughout our wide range of programs and services: Outpatient Services (Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy), Neurotechnology Services, Vision Services, Auditory Services and Home Based Services.

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