Transform Your Life with Our 4-Week De-Stress Workshop

Event Date:
Thursday March 28, 2019 6:00pm to Thursday April 18, 2019 8:00pm


Are you stuck in a rut?  Exhausted and overwhelmed? Do you find it hard to focus? Or, maybe your brain never slows down and you are constantly on the run?

Start the year off with a commitment to take care of yourself! Learn how to train your mind to calm and break free from the stressors of everyday life with this custom and life-changing workshop.

Every week we focus on a different aspect to calm the mind and empower your life. Plus, the program includes a 30-day rental of the AVE system along with personal instruction on how to use the system in class and at home.

In this life-altering class, you will learn how to break free from everyday stressors and change your brain, moving out of your stress response!

Through weekly mentoring along with aroma and music therapy plus audio-visual entrainment, you will experience relaxation and calm in a whole new way!

Class will focus on building everyday routines to calm the brain and utilize the audio-visual entrainment system (AVE) to help introduce powerful change in your life.

This workshop includes a 30-day rental of the AVE system, and personal instruction on how to use the system to the best of your advantage to achieve your goals both during class and at home. 

Creating a relaxing haven with other women in a stress-free zone, Kelly Pittman will discuss how to recognize if you have a fast or slow running brain, how to avoid daily stress bombs, introduce new calming routines and go into detail on how to use the AVE system.

If you are stuck or overwhelmed with everyday life and are running out of energy, this class is for you. If you find it hard to focus, or are anxious or angry, this class is for you! If you feel depressed or struggle with our lack of sun in the winter, this class is for you! If feel like you have no time for yourself and are burnt out, this class is for you!

This program is created to be a safe and nurturing environment that will help you to take advantage of your brain’s ability to change, creating a newfound peace and joy. 

Each class is 2 hours and will include an actual AVE session (plus instruction on how to use the system when you bring your rental home). AVE can promote an instant change, helping to de-stress and calm your central nervous system in a holistic and natural way.

Introducing aroma and music therapy for each session, you will also be provided with power snacks that fuel good brain function. Water and tea will also be served.

As the course begins, it will focus on creating an environment that is warm, inviting and nonthreatening. As we relax together, we will start to begin to understand the frequencies of the brain in simple terms, and understand the affects of the environment around us.

Created to support each individual where they are, the class is kept small and custom designed to the individuals participating. Geared toward moms, it‘s sacred space to let go and relax.

Weekly, we will introduce a stepping-stone of easily implemented exercises to empower your mind and physical body. Each class will build upon the previous knowledge learned, and create a structure for strengthening and relaxing the mind.

Dates of the class March 28, April 4, 11 and 18, 2019
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. in the MLRC at A Chance To Grow

Class includes:


n  30-day rental of AVE system (includes 25 programs, headset and eye set) VALUE $125

n  Custom AVE training for each client on how to use system and its programs VALUE $200

n  Personal AVE assessments VALUE $40

n  Sound Health Therapeutic Listening CD VALUE $16

n  Journal VALUE $5

n  Custom AVE session during each class VALUE $49

n  Quality “brain” snacks and tea (including chocolate!) VALUE $40

n  In-person training and mentor on brain health and stress management VALUE $400

n  A small support group in a personal setting, catering to your needs VALUE (priceless)

n  Voucher for one FREE Neurofeedback session VALUE $89

De-Stress Workshop Package Value $924

Early-Bird Registration if Registered by Friday, March 15: $249 

Final Registration Deadline is Monday, March 25: $275


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