Neurotechnology Services

What should my child or I expect during EEG Biofeedback training?

A typical EEG Biofeedback session lasts approximately 45 minutes. We provide training sessions at a minimum of two sessions per week. During the 30-minute training session, you or your child will relax in a comfortable chair. Then the Neurotechnology Techinician will lay sensors on you or your child’s head and  ears. The Technician will turn on a video display or interesting movie, complete with sound effects, and will then ask you or your child to “make the display go” by watching it and relaxing. You will complete initial assessment forms to give us a description of symptoms and a picture of the client’s health history. To track the changes before and after training, our Neurotechnology Technician takes a quick scan of you or your child’s brain activity during the session. This screening is not a diagnostic instrument. Instead, it is used as a quick estimate of the electrical brainwave activity function, so the Neurotechnology Technician can determine the effects of the EEG Biofeedback training.

What is the difference between EEG Biofeedback & traditional biofeedback techniques?

Traditional Biofeedback techniques relate primarily to physical abilities like controlling heart rate, respertory rate, sweat glands and temperature levels. Biofeedback is a de-stressing tool that helps teach someone how to control those physical levels. EEG Biofeedback reaches the core levels of the brain, which causes the symptoms related to the stress. For example, during a panic attack, traditional Biofeedback trains the person how to control the physical symptoms that are caused from the anxious feeling by helping the person learn how to relax and lower his or her heart rate, slow down breathing, etc. EEG Biofeedback, on the other hand, targets the cause of the anxiety and panic attack by calming down the area in the brain that is bringing forth the feeling. When you target the cause, the physical symptoms decrease or stop occurring.

What should my child or I expect during Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE) training?

This technology can be used in a home setting. You or your child will set aside 15 minutes and find a quiet place to lie down. You will choose one of 25 AVE programs best suited for you or your child’s goals of relaxation, peak performance, learning and/or brain exercising. You or your child will put on the glasses and headphones, start the session, and then relax, let go and drift off with the help of the lights and sound. AVE is about letting one’s brain lead the way.

Do I have to live near Minneapolis to take advantage of AVE?

No. We can mail devices to individuals that live too far to come in for a Demonstration. When the device is ordered, we set up a conference call with you to “walk you through” how to run the device. How can AVE accelerate my or my child’s learning? If you or your child has trouble concentrating, you can choose a program designed to wake up and focus the brain. During a deep and relaxing AVE session, instead of using music, one can patch in spelling words, math facts, or lecture notes and let the information seep into the subconscious mind. If you or your child is feeling anxious about an exam or lecture, visualizing successful test taking strategies during AVE is often a useful exercise. AVE has been recognized in many school districts as a useful tool for academic enhancement, especially for students with learning challenges. Are the final results from EEG Biofeedback & Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE) the same? For many, the final results can be very similar. It’s a matter of personal preference as to which technology will be more efficient for the person.

How do EEG Biofeedback and AVE differ?

EEG Biofeedback is an operant conditioning technique that rewards the brain for being in the optimal efficient state. AVE uses stimulus response or the frequency following effect to “remind” the brain when it should increase appropriate brainwave patterns for a more efficient running system. EEG Biofeedback training has been researched and studied longer, but the research has been increased dramatically for both techniques. EEG Biofeedback has the system to look at pre or post data to actually see how the brain is changing, where as the AVE changes are only measured by the symptom relief. EEG Biofeedback requires the person to come into the clinic to train. AVE can be used at home.

What can I expect with a FREE Demonstration?

When you call/e-mail to schedule a Demonstration, you will be asked if you (or your child) would like to experience EEG Biofeedback, AVE, or both. Set aside one hour to experience one tool and two hours to experience both. While experiencing EEG Biofeedback, you (or your child) can be “hooked up” to the device via receptors placed on the scalp. A “Quick Scan” can be taken of the brain energy efficiency, flexibility, calmness of the Central Nervous System and hemisphere communication. The scan is not a diagnostic tool, but a quick glimpse as to what the trainer might want to target during the session. This scan takes only one minute of time. After the scan, you (or your child) can then experience about five minutes of actual EEG Biofeedback training with colorful graphics or a movie. After the training is complete, a Post “Quick Scan” is taken and a comparison is made between the two scans. If your or your child decides to experience AVE, you will be encouraged to try out the equipment and experience a relaxation session. The session will last about 15 minutes and a short discussion about the technology will happen afterwards. After the Demonstrations are over, you may purchase/rent and take home an AVE device or decide to schedule some EEG Biofeedback sessions at that time.

My doctor is skeptical about EEG Biofeedback and/or AVE. What can I do?

Your doctor may not know about this specific type of biofeedback. He or she will maintain a healthy skepticism about any new approach claiming numerous benefits. If your doctor is familiar with EEG Biofeedback in general, he or she may still be thinking in terms of the more common early experiments with alpha wave training, rather than with the training we provide at A Chance To Grow. Ask your doctor to examine the recent research on the effectiveness of EEG Biofeedback in treating various disorders such as attention deficit disorder and epilepsy. The following reference web sites are a place where he or she can start:,,, and