Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

How do I know if my child needs therapy?

 Your child may need therapy if he or she experiences…

• Delays in developmental milestones

• Difficulty with coordination, balance, strength and motor planning

• Handwriting and fine motor problems

• Difficulty with visual motor tasks

• Poor attention, is very easily distracted, and/or is always “on the go”

• A need for more help than normal to perform typical self-help tasks

• A negative response to sound, touch/textures and movement

• Discomfort in multi-sensory environments, large or loud crowds

• Dislike of school and/or social situations

• Sensory Processing problems

Is a physician’s order required for treatment?

 Yes, while the therapy we provide is non-invasive, it is considered a medical treatment and requires a prescription from the pediatrician.

Do you consult with teachers and other professionals involved in my child’s development?

 With your written consent, we can work together with anyone whom you designate is involved in your child’s development.