Director's Corner: Whole Body-Brain Health

Bob D.jpgEvery day in the media there are stories about the “fiscal cliff.” We all experience the effects: high food and energy prices, home     foreclosures, high unemployment and uncertainty. Those families who have children with special needs experience a daily “emotional cliff” that goes on forever…“Will my child be up to demands such as sitting still in class, learning to write, mastering reading skills, achieving in class and knowing what’s appropriate behavior?” 

By taking a “Whole Body-Brain Health” approach in our interventions with children with special needs, we lay the foundation for children to reach their highest potential. Dr. Martha Herbert, PhD, an internationally acclaimed researcher in the area of autism (ASD) recently spoke in the Twin Cities advocating for a Whole Body-Brain Health approach. Such an approach disputes the concept of autism being a static condition and advocates for continued exploration of the multiple causes of autism and the best interventions for progress. Over the years, the programs of ACTG have been shaped by similar brain experts such as Art Sandler, PT, Dr. Lyelle Palmer, Dr. Bernard Rimland, and Dr. Janyce Moroz. Common to each is the principle that we need to take into account multiple interventions in a collaborative approach to help children reach their highest potential.

Some of the most recent examples of A Chance To Grow’s “Whole Body-Brain Health” programs are:

  • our Mobile Vision Project; 
  • our work with adopted children who have attachment issues; 
  • our use of EEG Biofeedback with veterans who have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

By taking our vision services mobile, we have doubled the number of Head Start children who have received exams and glasses. Nina Jonio and Bette Lamont, nationally renowned therapists who use Neurological Reorganization principles, now see families with children who struggle with attachment issues at our center four times a year.* Through the generous support of a veteran who has asked to remain anonymous, we have been offering EEG Biofeedback sessions at no charge for veterans with PTSD. All of this is possible because of generous supporters like you. We thank you and hope you will continue to support us into the future so that the emotional cliff facing our families is not a devastating obstacle, but another step forward for them on the journey of life.

* If you would like to receive updates about Bette and Nina's future visits to ACTG, email and request to be put on our e-newsletter list.

Bob Deboer