Turnquist Childcare Center: Helping Those in Need All Year Round


Turnquist students on a field trip to a Twin's Game!Turnquist Childcare Center strives to enrich the lives of children six weeks to twelve years old. Because the majority of Turnquist’s population is lower-income, Turnquist families are faced with big challenges during the holiday season. Approximately 97% of our families live at or below the poverty line. At the poverty line, a family of four could live off of as little as $23,050 a year. Many of these families face extreme difficulties, including homelessness, hunger and a struggle to provide their families with food and shelter.

We do our best to help these families make ends meet by offering free giveaways, weekly food distributions and any extra help we can provide. In addition, we host bi-monthly Family Fun Nights so our families can spend time with each other and their childrens’ teachers. We strive to ensure each family that attends Turnquist has the help and support they need to have consistent housing, steady work and access to County Assistance so their children can remain at Turnquist and benefit from all A Chance To Grow has to offer. During the Holiday Season, Turnquist parents often have to choose between paying rent, feeding their families, keeping up on household and personal hygiene supplies or providing gifts for their children.

A financial contribution to ACTG helps ensure we can continue to help our Turnquist families in any way possible. Consider making a donation to Turnquist today and help us continue to support our Turnquist families, providing them with the means and support to give their children a happy winter season!

Turnquist distributed dozens of winter coats to families in need during the month of November.