That's One S.M.A.R.T. Teacher! 11/15

One S.MA.R.T. Teacher

Gill Connell, child development expert and author from New Zealand, recently visited A Chance To Grow and spoke to a number of teachers regarding the importance of educators providing brain stimulation through movement.  Gill had a fabulously fun idea for developing eye tracking. 

When students are expected to have some down time, use that time to increase eye movements.  In early childhood this may be as the children are setting down for rest time.  In elementary school this may be used as a transition from one subject or class to another.  Gill suggests playing Runaway Bubbles.  Provide students with a craft stick (wooden popsicle stick) and instruct them to carefully try to catch a bubble as it floats in front or above them.  As the bubbles slowly float around, students are developing smooth eye movements watching them carefully.  Catching the bubbles delicately on their craft stick improves eye-hand coordination. 

Gill has more activities that weave in beautifully with our own S.M.A.R.T. program in her book A Moving Child Is a Learning Child. 

For more fun, check out the Moving Smart website: