Testimonials Auditory Services

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“We are very pleased with the HSAS (JIAS) program. Our daughter’s hearing/processing was altered significantly. She continues to have some organizational issues. We have pursued additional help, counseling and tutoring simultaneously. I believe that together these services have improved her hearing and her self-esteem. This has made a tremendous difference in my ability to discern and cope! Prior to my daughter’s treatment she was extremely disorganized, never prepared and had many lost and missing assignments due to her auditory processing issues. At my daughter’s last conferences every single one of her teachers commented on how she was always organized and prepared for class. She has improved with hearing background noise, understanding of directions, concentrating and reading. So far I’m very happy with it, and we are only four months into it."

"In the last week we have noticed much more of our son’s sense of humor. Some of his observations are right on target and very funny. I don’t always enjoy all of his comments but a lot of his speech is clearer and the other people around us can understand more of what he says than they used to be able to. It’s great that he is able to express himself better even if I don’t always enjoy it. We are thankful that this program is available and we are able to use it with our son. Thank you!"

"The program helped my child. She was having ‘shut downs’ to different sounds. She would take time away from school when she couldn’t learn – up to an hour or more a day. Gradually, she left school less and less until it didn’t happen at all. At the same time, she also started to learn to read. She is now reading at a first grade level and her sight word list is always growing.”