NeuroDevelopmental Movement Integration (NDMI)

What is NDMI?

The NDMI approach combines a few methods based on normal development to promote brain growth. By using multiple interventions, the program can be more individualized to meet the child’s needs at their specific developmental stage. Through purposeful movement, NDMI creates stronger connections between the brain and the body to help children be as successful as possible in all areas of their lives. NDMI addresses attention, emotional/behavioral regulation, mental processing, learning readiness and overall function.  It is meant for children who are performing outside the scope of typical insurance based programs. They may be performing at a level “too high” (does not qualify with standardized testing- but still is not at their full potential) or “too low” (limited gains made with traditional insurance based intervention) for traditional services.

The unique structure of the program allows more flexibility for services since the parent is an active participant in the intervention. Through their partnership with the therapist, the parent will gain many of the tools they need to provide consistent treatment for their child to reach faster, more stable results.  The therapist will both work directly with the child, and guide the parent through the necessary activities to strengthen the child’s nervous system for growth.



This is a non-insurance covered intervention.  After an assessment, the therapist and family will meet to discuss client needs and proposed program.  Frequency and duration of direct treatment and home program are based on evaluation results.

Who is it effective for?

  • Individuals with Developmental and Learning delays

  • Individuals with Physical and Genetic disorders or damage/Disabilities

  • Individuals with Mental Health and Behavioral Disorders (including Emotional Trauma/ Stress)

How does it address these deficits?

    After an assessment, an individualized program is designed for the client.  The goal of this intervention is to establish efficient neurological connections in order to support the individual’s physical and emotional independence.  This program uses the normal developmental sequence to create connections between the brain and various systems of the body to improve higher level functioning.

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