Neurofeedback and Audio Visual Entrainment

What is Neurotechnology?

Our Neurotechnology Department offers state-of-the-art programs that create positive changes within one’s brain for improved emotional and cognitive abilities. Just as a physical exercise program trains one’s body to strengthen muscles, build coordination and improve physical performance, Neurotechnology trains the brain to become more resilient and flexible, improving overall emotional, academic and physical health.

If you or your child struggle with concerns such as emotional instability, inability to focus, irritability, lack of motivation or other problems that interfere with learning, skill development, social interaction and/or relationships, Neurotechnology may be a wellness alternative for you!

Our Neurotechnology Department offers two drug-free, noninvasive and research-based services that have been successful in calming the central nervous system (CNS) while improving mood and focus. Both Neurofeedback and Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE) promote wellness, helping the body and mind to reach a meditative state. This mindfulness moves the CNS from rigidity, repetition and reactivity to a more proactive state of flexibility and stability.

Benefits of Neurotechnology include:

Reduction in Stress
Reduction in Muscle Tension
Accelerated Learning
Increased Memory
Improved Immune Function
Increased Alertness
Accelerated I.Q.
Improved Sleep Habits
Increased Blood Supply to the Brain 

Concerns Neurotechnology May Help Address:

Behavior Challenges
Inability to Focus
Emotional Instability
Poor Academics
Lack of Motivation
Substance Abuse
Sleep Problems
Chronic Pain
High Blood Pressure
Poor Memory
Uncontrolled Seizures

8 Reasons Why Individuals Choose Neurofeedback

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