Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE)

What is Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE)?

Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE), also referred to as “Lights and Sounds,” exposes the visual channel to pulsating lights and the auditory channel to binaural rhythmic beats or tones. These pre-programmed frequencies entrain the brain, synchronizing its rhythms to induce a meditative state. This process also increases blood flow to the brain and metabolizes glucose to improve the communication between neurons. Consistent use of the AVE system trains the brainwaves to respond appropriately in situational circumstances, often helping an individual to focus, improving sleep and mood. Ultimately, the session calms the Central Nervous System (CNS), promoting a meditative, optimal brain state.

How Do You Use the AVE System?

Sessions are done at home in a quiet environment. Through the use of an eye set and headset, pre-programmed light and sound frequencies stimulate the users brainwaves much like the hypnotic affect of the flickering flames of a fire. Consistent use may help an individual to achieve a meditative state, creating mindfulness similar to what ten years of traditional meditative training would achieve.

AVE is relaxing, passive and noninvasive! It’s an easy, drug-free method to improve your emotional stability, focus and sports development. Plus, it can be done in the convenience of your home! You determine your schedule, fitting the program between your appointments and daily activities.

How Do I find Out More About AVE? 

If you would like to demo the AVE system and/or learn more about how the system works, please call (612)789-1236 or email If you live out of state, please call for a free consult. We can ship the AVE system and help you set up a custom program to meet your needs and concerns.

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Please note, the AVE program involves pulsing lights to the eyes that can evoke seizures in people who are classified as "photo epileptic" and could cause photo-induced seizures. On the other hand, AVE with blue tinted lights has been used to address some seizure disorders and has either remediated or diminished the severity of the disorder. In either case, however, persons who have a history of epilepsy or brain seizures should not experience AVE without first consulting a medical professional.