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"Carly's program is proving our hopes true. Her victories and accomplishments are frequent, ongoing, and heart-moving. There were medical professionals who told us she was likely to plateau in her development--some said she would never crawl. After our first year doing a home-based neuro-physiological rehabilitation (NPR) program, Carly continues to astound and encourage her family as well as dozens of volunteers. When the program began, Carly was 22 months old and had already been through over a year of traditional physical, occupation and speech therapies. While much important progress had been made, her sensory defensiveness was still severe, she had no fine motor skills (for example, she was unable to feed herself a cheerio), and she was unable to move forward on the floor in any fashion. Within the first nine months on her NPR program, Carly was drinking from a sippy cup, feeding herself finger foods and crawling in a full cross-pattern on her hands and knees! A Chance to Grow gave us a structure around which we could develop Carly's therapies as well as our household and family routines. We also learned how to get other people involved. Carly benefits from the exposure to a variety of people. We have maintained a reasonable degree of energy and freedom to pursue an active lifestyle with our other children and each other, and hundreds of people tell us regularly about how they have grown through their support of our family. Carly has Angelman Syndrome, which is a deletion of genes on the 15th chromosome. Still, we maintain great hope for her future. As with all of our children, it is about giving her opportunities to achieve her maximum potential, whatever God intends that to be."