S.M.A.R.T. Spaces 12/17

EASY. FREE. EFFECTIVE. Do we have your attention?! We’re here to help you add to this month’s festivities by providing these gift bow Slap/Creep Track cards as a free download!

We love this idea shared with us from Alisha, Pre-K teacher in Lake Crystal, MN, because of its simplicity. Bonus? It is fun for the students! Using gift bow cards, create a color pattern for students to call out while creeping on the Slap/Creep Track. (Red, Green, Blue, Red, Green, Blue, etc.)

Sometimes as educators this activity can trip us up. We feel compelled to teach, teach, teach all day long. We may even forget that the movement itself is what is stimulating the brain! The cards are meant to direct the student’s eyes from side to side, or one card to the next, as they are creeping. These eye movements help build the foundation, and are a critical component, for reading.

So remember, the cards in the pockets of the Slap or Creep Track must be review! The content should be material familiar to all students so they move smoothly through the activity.

What if a student cannot call out the material? Tell them to gently slap the card with their hand. We are more concerned about the movement of the eyes than the knowledge of what is on the card.

Share any festive cards you are using in your Creep or Slap Track on our Facebook page for others to enjoy!