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Minnesota Learning Resource Center

August 2013

"- loved it! Can't wait to implement in my early childhood sped room. I didn't realize the absence of development in infants...strengthened my belief in S.M.A.R.T. ...(I would recommend it to) everyone - I have a ton of new ideas - I'm ready to go back and inform my co-workers...great for our poverty students" --S.M.A.R.T. Pre-K Teacher

March 2012

"A student who could only answer simple questions is now inferring and his written language has taken off. A student who has been in pull out services most of her school life is now being transitioned back into the classroom because she is able to process language at a much-improved level. A student who walked on her toes and would not give eye contact or speak above a whisper is now audible in the classroom and walking heel-toe. A student in third grade came in almost as a non-reader and is now reading at a first grade level and retaining new words and reading strategies. A student who has received S.M.A.R.T. all year began working on decreasing his lateralization of sounds and was able to produce a clear /s/ during the first session. My students who came in with /l/ and /r/ are using their sounds at the conversation level after only half a year of therapy."--Rachael Donovan, Speech Language Pathologist Arnn Elementary School Sagamihara, Japan

Fall 2008

“Our experience with S.M.A.R.T. has been a very positive one! We have implemented the program into the daily routine in the Wagner Early Learning Center. Students get the benefits of the movement exercises with specific purpose from the start of the year through the end and classroom achievements show the difference! Through the use of the fine motor exercises and eye training activities, all students, pre-k and kindergarten, increased their agility in using writing utensils. Last year all students who were in the preschool program were using scissors successfully. Remember that these are three and four year olds. Students were showing more control in their fine and gross motor activities. The kindergarten teachers have increased their time with the S.M.A.R.T. program over the past year and are excited about the differences they see in their students as well. We have noticed students who display more control with their motor activities, which increases their writing abilities. We also notice students who are more able to sit in class for longer periods of time. The developmental skill of drawing people shows the dramatic increase in the students over the course of the year. We love what S.M.A.R.T. is doing for our students in the early learning center.”--Lori Bouza, Early Childhood Principal/Federal Programs Coordinator at Wagner Early Learning Center in Wagner, SD

July 2004

“The 2003-2004 school year brought seven students qualifying for Title 1 services to my third grade classroom. We implemented the S.M.A.R.T. program at that time. I was concerned as I assessed their skills and deficits. Reading levels were .1-1.9. Comprehension was poor. Decoding meant guessing (for them). Reading was hard work to be avoided at all costs. My appetite for brain research and learning had been aroused through my Master's Degree program, so I confidently worked toward the 80 hours goal. Month-by-month, I saw barriers breaking down and self-confidence slowly emerging. By March and April five of the seven students were enjoying third and fourth grade literature and comprehending at an 85% or better rate. The other two students enjoyed a 1-1.5 year gain. All students shared the energy, excitement and self-satisfaction of these achievements. I consider S.M.A.R.T. training to be an integral part of their success. Thank you for sharing these insights.”--Lexi Cunings, Teacher South Elementary School Atwater, Cosmos, Grove City District (Minnesota)

Neurotechnology Services

Attention Deficit Disorder:

"My son experienced enormous benefits as a result of the AVE program. After five sessions he went from being unable to read simple words, without assistance, to reading whole paragraphs unassisted. He went from being a scattered and disruptive student in class to a well-mannered child who was able to focus on classroom assignments. Stress was reduced at home for everyone, as my son was far more agreeable and compliant to household routines and expectations."

Cerebral Palsy:

“Our son, age 14, diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy two years ago, has been a slow learner and mentally impaired for years. He has used the AVE machine approximately five weeks. Right away, my husband and I noticed more alertness in Danny, especially in completing tasks and being more organized. Nothing else has ever worked and I was skeptical. It’s hard to put a finger on what is different, but we know for sure it is a change for the better.” Elizabeth Mother Maplewood, MN March, 2002 Autism: “I am currently working with a student who is attending the three week Summer Boost Up Program. As a part of Boost Up the student has been involved in the AVE program. Since the involvement in AVE, I have noticed a positive change in the student’s behavior, particularly after the session. The body is calm, relaxed and seems ready to move to the next activity.” --Kim, Personal Care Attendant Minneapolis, MN

Anxiety and Depression:

“After just a week of taking the AVE machine home to use with my daughter, family and friends have noticed a big change in her. She herself has noticed if she doesn’t use it she doesn’t feel as good. My 25-year-old nephew (her cousin) said, “What did you do to her. She seems more calm and loving. A year ago she was diagnosed as having anxiety with underlying depression and now still wets the bed. We see these things slowly being moderated. She has three or four more sessions before she hits 20 but there has been a significant change already. I have now started it in the classroom and if we can use it daily, I know that the same wonderful changes will happen with these children. We have already seen one child be able to relax and fall asleep twice when doing this. That is amazing!”-- Monica, a Teacher in Coon Rapids, MN

Reactive Attachment and Post Tramatic Distress:

“Within the last week or two, I think I have seen significant change. She is able to transition much easier and express her love for us easier during non-routine transitions (such as Easter, traveling, etc.). She was home a lot with me, which helps her regulate greatly, but for the first time ever she was able to remain calm and in control while her brother tried to act silly and get "her going" with his antics (which ALWAYS sends her spiraling out of control, laughing crazily and hitting and pinching him, etc. However, she remained calm with me, ignoring his silliness. I think that was a HUGE moment). She was also very CALM around her baby cousins (babies are a huge trauma trigger due to severe neglect) and she actually said: I LIKE babies NOW. This was another HUGE step in her transitioning. Actually, I just remembered that I held my baby niece a lot recently, which typically triggers her anger and insecurity, causing her to be very angry, jealous and pull away from me. But she did none of that. She even played with her two-year-old cousin and thought she was cute, and two-year-olds are the greatest trigger because we adopted her when she was two. The last week or two, she has wanted to be very close to me and has said she missed me at school. She has also slept in our room to be close and safe...these are all positive changes...I pray we keep moving forward.... Thank you!”

Speech and Bed Wetting Concerns:

My children’s tutor and I have been using the AVE machine faithfully with a few of my children and students and we're seeing remarkable results. My 20 month old started TALKING very suddenly after we started it up again after taking a break because she was throwing fits when we would try to put it on her (sensory defensive). Now I just wait until naptime. After she falls asleep, I put it on her. One of my tutor students stopped wetting his bed at night and is doing so much better in school. It's amazing! His cognition has improved greatly. He's happier and no longer an angry little boy. His mom is so happy! So, thanks!--Tara Mother Liberty, Missouri

Auditory Services

“We are very pleased with the HSAS (JIAS) program. Our daughter’s hearing/processing was altered significantly. She continues to have some organizational issues. We have pursued additional help, counseling and tutoring simultaneously. I believe that together these services have improved her hearing and her self-esteem. This has made a tremendous difference in my ability to discern and cope! Prior to my daughter’s treatment she was extremely disorganized, never prepared and had many lost and missing assignments due to her auditory processing issues. At my daughter’s last conferences every single one of her teachers commented on how she was always organized and prepared for class. She has improved with hearing background noise, understanding of directions, concentrating and reading. So far I’m very happy with it, and we are only four months into it."

"In the last week we have noticed much more of our son’s sense of humor. Some of his observations are right on target and very funny. I don’t always enjoy all of his comments but a lot of his speech is clearer and the other people around us can understand more of what he says than they used to be able to. It’s great that he is able to express himself better even if I don’t always enjoy it. We are thankful that this program is available and we are able to use it with our son. Thank you!"

"The program helped my child. She was having ‘shut downs’ to different sounds. She would take time away from school when she couldn’t learn – up to an hour or more a day. Gradually, she left school less and less until it didn’t happen at all. At the same time, she also started to learn to read. She is now reading at a first grade level and her sight word list is always growing.”

Vision Services

“Dear Dr. Moroz and Staff of A Chance to Grow,

Our son had a miserable first grade experience. His teacher strongly suggested he had ADHD. She also refused to allow me to visit her classroom to see why he was struggling with his work tasks. Ben was tagged as an SLD student and I was told I should just accept that he would always have trouble learning. On Valentine’s Day, there was a party and I arrived early to pick him up. Within minutes of watching him, I could tell he was having trouble copying words from the board. That started the rail of discovery that led us to you. An article in the newspaper was brought to our attention and we decided to give you a call. What a blessing that call turned out to be! With the expertise of Dr. Moroz we were able to determine that Ben had six different visual delays. She also suggested that we have a specialist check his hearing. That advice led to the discovery that Ben also had auditory processing delays. We enrolled our son in your summer Boost Up Program. In that short period of time, Ben’s vision improved remarkably. For the first time in his life, he saw visual details that we didn’t even know he was missing out on. Things like the small minute lines between the numbers on a clock, street signs and numerous wildlife creatures now appeared in his visual world. Although no one we asked knew about your school, we decided to trust your school and enrolled Ben for the upcoming year. It was a decision we will never regret. Ben entered second grade reading at below a first grade level. At the end of the year, he loved to read and was reading at a 4.2 grade level. Wow! Recently, we received the results from the Minnesota Department of Education Comprehensive Assessment Series II. I thought you might be interested in the results of how Ben ranks in the state when compared to his peers. In both the Reading and Math portions of the assessment, Ben received scores that placed him in their highest ranking of 'Exceeds the Standard.' A closer look at his reading scores shows a comprehension section that placed him in the 99th percentile in the state. His success can be directly related to your efforts and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. May God bless you all for the outstanding service and opportunities you have given Ben and other children with visual and hearing difficulties.”--Dave and Judy Schink

Outpatient Services

"Carly's program is proving our hopes true. Her victories and accomplishments are frequent, ongoing, and heart-moving. There were medical professionals who told us she was likely to plateau in her development--some said she would never crawl. After our first year doing a home-based neuro-physiological rehabilitation (NPR) program, Carly continues to astound and encourage her family as well as dozens of volunteers. When the program began, Carly was 22 months old and had already been through over a year of traditional physical, occupation and speech therapies. While much important progress had been made, her sensory defensiveness was still severe, she had no fine motor skills (for example, she was unable to feed herself a cheerio), and she was unable to move forward on the floor in any fashion. Within the first nine months on her NPR program, Carly was drinking from a sippy cup, feeding herself finger foods and crawling in a full cross-pattern on her hands and knees! A Chance to Grow gave us a structure around which we could develop Carly's therapies as well as our household and family routines. We also learned how to get other people involved. Carly benefits from the exposure to a variety of people. We have maintained a reasonable degree of energy and freedom to pursue an active lifestyle with our other children and each other, and hundreds of people tell us regularly about how they have grown through their support of our family. Carly has Angelman Syndrome, which is a deletion of genes on the 15th chromosome. Still, we maintain great hope for her future. As with all of our children, it is about giving her opportunities to achieve her maximum potential, whatever God intends that to be."

S.M.A.R.T. Boost Up Plus

Testimonials from parents who have enrolled their children in the program:

“My daughter needs a structured program during the summer. I love Boost Up Plus because it is very active and she doesn’t just do worksheets throughout the day.”

“My son had so much fun in the first Boost Up Plus session that when he asked to do the second session, it was a no-brainer. Primarily, I was hoping he would improve in the areas of gross motor skills, fine motor skills and auditory processing.”

Testimonials in response to positive changes seen after or during the S.M.A.R.T. Boost Up Plus program:

“This is the first period of time in years that my child has slept through the entire night.”

“My child seems more in tune to what is going on around him, he has also become stronger and more confident.”

“I see increased focus and self-help skills, enjoyment of the program itself and less need for stimulant medication.”

Testimonials recommending the program to other parents:

“It was very nice to see a program offered in the [Twin Cities Metro Area] that provided so many hours of training for such a length and period of time at such an affordable cost. It was very nice to also have pre and post camp screening and follow up recommendations. The staff was very caring and it was a great atmosphere for kids!”

“Some children are not aware of how to manage their bodies, moods and learning. I believe this is a great way to tap into a way of teaching them how to manage all three of those areas.”

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