Time Saving Tips 03/18

There is no such thing as too many Learning Ladders and Tactile Trackers when it comes to the S.M.A.R.T. program. Why not explore the idea of using one picture for both activities?

This Tactile Tracker turned Learning Ladder will help students identify parts of a flower. Hang this up in a place where students have a little space to do a movement.

First, use it as an eye movement activity by having the student trace the parts of the flower following the correct procedure:

Cover your left eye and trace the brown roots

Cover your right eye and trace the green stem and leaf

Trace the colorful flower with both eyes open 

Once they have completed the sequence above, turn that poster into a Learning Ladder. Jumping in place, hopping on one foot, crossing midline activity, toss and catch a small ball or toy, jump on a rebounder…any kind of movement you can think of while reciting the information on the ladder.

After printing out the picture, you will have to add the color. Color or trace each part of the flower with a thick line that the students will be able to trace. When you get to the petals of the flower, we suggest outlining the outer edges making an easier line for students to follow.

We hope this with be a SPRING board (pun intended) for you to use with other content areas you use or already have in your classroom.

Download activity poster here