Time Saving Tips 9/17

Have you pulled out your Slap Track/Creep Track? Are your cards ready to go?

Don’t fall into the teacher trap and put in material that is too hard for your students!

This can be especially challenging at the beginning of the school year because we are not always aware of the level at which our students are individually working. Keep it brain stem by keeping it simple.

Here are some examples:

Early Childhood:

  • handprints for giving high fives
  • paw prints


  • handprints or paw prints
  • colors or shapes in simple AB patterns

First Grade:

  • colors in ABC pattern (red – yellow – blue)
  • numerals for skip counting by 5’s or 10’s

Second Grade:

  • vocabulary concepts: pictures of school supplies (desk, pencil, folder, book)
  • geometric shapes (pictures of cone, sphere, cube)

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